All Truth about Star Wars Community

Star Wars Community
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Forty years ago, when nobody even heard of Internet, ‘20th Century Fox’ was about to go broke over multiple financial issues. Their last chance to survive was a good top-grossing film. As the last hope, company signed a deal with young George Lucas, who was addicted to fantasy space stories and dreamed of shooting his own movie that would be completely out of this world.

In just two years the larger part of this world was obsessed with his ‘Star Wars’. Fans divided in several groups, depending on the races they supported. But there was no power that could unite them closer. They communicated via paper letters or held special meetings which could only include the locals.

Star Wars Community

In late 90’s, after the fourth part of saga was released, Internet exploded. Star Wars groups popped up in all social networks. That was the time when World’s Star Wars community was established. How does it look like now?

Fan organizations

If you adore Darth Vader, but hate Luke, there is an option for you to meet soulmates here. Community counts nine different fan organizations:

  • 501st Legion;
  • The Dark Alliance;
  • The Dark Empire;
  • Jedi Assembly;
  • Mandalorian Mercs;
  • Rebel Legion;
  • R2-D2 builders club;
  • Saber Guild;
  • Team Saberproject.

Each group has its own website and themed events that are held occasionally. Joining any of them is super easy – registration is free of charge.

Star Wars Community


Most events, organized by community are held for all fans and these groups never miss a chance to run something exciting too. Although they may choose if they want strangers at their parties, mostly anyone can easily enter such gatherings if he or she knows the time and the place.

Most events are themed as they are either dedicated to anniversaries or special dates or set up for particular groups of fans, like collectors or cosplayers. Rarely can we meet all in one at events like Comic Con, although they are not organized by Star Wars community.


Another good reason to join this club is cosplayers. No matter if you enjoy watching their transformations or love creating fancy costumes yourself – there are many things that can turn your life in an exciting adventure. Cosplayers’ photo gallery is all the proof you need here.

Star Wars Community

Some of fans show off their hand-made creations, some others choose paying a fortune for exclusive materials and design. They literary work for opportunity of ordering new outfits. There is also a group of people who feel no shame when ordering their costumes from online stores. They have more pleasure from simply dressing like their favorite character than being unique.


When anything goes on in Star Wars world, be sure – community is the first to find out. They collect all gossips and share latest leaks. If you want to stay aware of all latest rumors – you should subscribe.

Star Wars series unites people of all ages and races. Their story has started in the 70’s and raised several generations who believe there hardly is anything as exciting as this saga. They are united by one similar interest, but as it turns out, they have a lot more interesting to share with their virtual friends.

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