A Unique Tour to Famous Star Wars Locations

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming the main character of «Star Wars»?

Just imagine wandering on your favorite locations where Luke Skywalker was learning, fighting, and becoming a real Jedi. Does it sound unreal? Walt Disney Studio can make your dreams come true. Everything you have to do is to book a ticket to Hollywood and enjoy a 5-hour tour on the famous Disney Studio.

Tour to Famous Star Wars LocationsHow to get a ticket? Everything is very simple. Go to the official Disney website and book a trip for you and your family. If you’re concerned about the price, we always recommend using travel credit cards for discounts and cashbacks. With travel credit cards you can save some extra money for «Star Wars» souvenirs like Darth Vader silicone oven mitt, «Star Wars» posters, R2-D2 shaker set, or «Star Wars» sweaters and T-shirts.

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So, what does this tour include and what else can you visit?

Best Free and Paid Star Wars Locations

So, what does Disney Studios offer you in a typical Star Wars tour?

  • The first stop is Star Wars Launch Bay. It includes a huge exhibition of costumes, main figures, and artifacts used in the original «Star Wars» movie «The Force Awakens». It is the most popular place for tourists to take a photo and to play «Star Wars» video games.
  • You will be offered to have a lunch at the Backlot Express, full of «Star Wars» snacks and appetizers. All of this will be followed by a Galactic Dessert Party, which includes fireworks and projection shows at night.
  • 3D Motion simulator is icing on a cake. It creates the fictional «Star Wars» world, taking you to a virtual excursion in the galaxy.
  • Watch or be a part of the First Order March, recreating a classic «Star Wars» scene in real life. Watch Captain Phasma and the Stormtroopers march through the whole park like they do it in the movie.
  • During Disney Star Wars tour you will meet favorite characters like Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Yoda, and Darth Vader greeting you on different corners of the park.
  • Jedi Training is also presented in Disney Star Wars park. Here you can get involved in real Jedi training program and put your skills to the test fighting against the Dark Side on the stage.
  • Visit famous Death Valley National park, which was one of the key locations in «Star Wars». This desert landscape is situated on the borders of California and Nevada and considered to be the hottest and the driest place in the USA. And it is completely free for visiting all year round. The park appeared a lot in the episode called «A New Hope» in 1977. It is the exact place where R2-D2 and C-3PO argued after they crashed on Tatooine.

Tour to Famous Star Wars Locations

«Star Wars» is more than a simple movie. It is a cultural phenomenon, which changed the way the films were made. Visiting the places where this movie was created and seeing the real costumes is an enjoyable experience for every «Star Wars» fan.